[thelist] Advice on Getting That First Client

Fortune Elkins fortune_elkins at summithq.com
Fri May 10 13:03:01 CDT 2002


i'm working in a situation where i can't moonlight. it's an unspoken company
policy. but i made a tiny little flash site for a yoga teacher who's a
friend of mine in exchange for some private lessons. it's like, 4 pages and
a blog template. it's not great, actually, it's kinda bad. i tossed it
together in two afternoons.

but what's interesting is that since that time many many people -- other
yoga teachers esp. -- have asked me to do sites for them.

this leads me to think that you should find a group of people, based on
someone you know, and start there. maybe a dentist? your own yoga teacher?
your church? your local school group? whatever. make a simple small site
that looks nice. let the word of mouth get started. . .

good luck,


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