[thelist] CSS: unexpected behavior, please advise

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Fri May 10 16:57:00 CDT 2002


as some of you may remember, i started a discussion on using CSS to
seperate content from design. as you may have figured out i do not know
all the nuances of CSS. therefore i am writing another email to theList
in hopes of getting my questions answered.

so here goes! cowabunga!

1. em font size is a way to size fonts relatively right? so does that
mean that the font will be based whatever browser is set to view fonts
at? i.e. the browsers idea of a normal sized font is 10pt. so if i

font-size: 0.90em;

...in my stylesheet, does that mean that my font will appear at
approximately 90% of 10pt?

along the same lines... when i press ctrl-mouse-scrolly, only some of
the fonts change size, even though i've defined all the fonts with an em

2. is there a good spreadsheet for CSS somewhere? i know there is one at
webmonkey, but that's not too in depth, and was written a long time ago.

3. i don't know if this is an expected behavior, but sometimes
everything is my pages will be centered regardless of the alignment set
in the <td>. i then have to either write style="text-align: center" on
each <td> that i want to be centered or create a class and do
class="centeredClass" on each <td> that i want centered. how can i fix
that? is this one of the problems with using tables and CSS?

i don't use CSS for any positioning yet, i'm just trying to sort of
"phase" it in if you know what i mean.

i'm not sure how to phrase this question so i'll just do my best.

4. say for example i've got a form with titles of the different inputs.
some of those inputs (is there a better word than input[s] ? ) are
required so they have a standard red asterisk next to them. i defined a
class for all the titles like this...

.formTitles {

right now the titles look like this...

<div class="formTitles">Email<font color="#FF0000">*</font></div>

so i think that's a little *wrong* if i want to use CSS *correctly*.
what should i do instead? (assuming how it is now is not the best way.)

pheww! all done.


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