[thelist] CSS: unexpected behavior, please advise

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Fri May 10 18:54:01 CDT 2002

> <snip> along the same lines... when i press ctrl-mouse-scrolly, only
> some of
> the fonts change size, even though i've defined all the fonts
> with an em
> measurement</snip>
> That sounds funny, I'd double-check if I were you - is the
> page public,
> and if so could you post a link?

i was going to post the link but it seems to be working now. i went to
lunch and then came back and closed all my browsers and then reopened
them. now it works. must have been a cache thing.

> <snip> i don't know if this is an expected behavior, but sometimes
> everything is my pages will be centered regardless of the
> alignment set
> in the <td>. </snip>
> I'm not sure if I understand your problem 100%, but make sure that you
> don't have a "text-align: center" set on something that your td could
> inherit from, like table, tr, or body.  Also, you're probably using
> paragraph(p) or heading (h1, h2, etc.) tags in your td's, you can make
> classes of these to align text.

i erased the contents of my css file to notepad so i'm currently in the
process of putting everything back in one by one to see what happens.

> Try your best not to use the font tag at all.  You can set up a span
> class, like so:
> span.redSplat
> {
> color: #FF0000;
> }
> And apply it as such:
> <div class="formTitles">Email<span class="redSplat">*</span></div>

i'd like to not use the font tag anymore. is the <span> tag a do-nothing
tag? does it by itself <span></span> do anything? the reason i ask is
because instead of using a <font></font> tag to get the red asterisk i
could use a <p> tag but that creates some lines for a paragraph and if i
use a <div> i believe it does the same thing. (i'm not sure about

thanks for the help.

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