[thelist] Advice on Getting That First Client

{ schaapy } list01 at theparagon.org
Fri May 10 20:54:01 CDT 2002

Basically everyone has been saying alot of the same thing - these are all
very good points. Networking, underbidding (with caution), business cards,
freebies, etc....

My advice is somewhat of the same - The biggest thing is just TALK. Talk all
day long to everyone about the fact that you are a web developer. If someone
else asks what you do - don't tell them about your job - tell them that you
are a freelance web developer. More than likely they will be interested.

The biggest thing is to find your own sales pitch. Mine is different for
different people but for the most part it's talking to them about what they
do and then say - Hey you probably need a website don't ya (obviously alot
better). Explain that, by listing to what this person does - you've come up
with alot of ideas on what you could really do to help them out - but on the

Don't tell them right there - ask them when would be a good time for you to
stop by and that you would love to sit down with them next week Tuesday at
10:00am or whenever. Always set a day and a time - it's always good to be
persistent and to assume they want to meet (even if they're just talking
about it randomly).

I hope this makes some type of sense. It's something that takes quite awhile
to become completely comfortable with. Just try going for it and if you
fail - that's one less time you'll have to fail before you win :-)

Aaron Schaap

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