[thelist] Advice on Getting That First Client

m u i n a r muinar at gmx.net
Sat May 11 02:02:00 CDT 2002

At 21:54 10.05.02 -0400, you wrote:
>Basically everyone has been saying alot of the same thing - these are all
>very good points. Networking, underbidding (with caution), business cards,
>freebies, etc....

I'd underline 'with caution'. Sometimes it turns out that the customers who
are looking for a cheap price, are those who try to get the absolutely most
out of you... 'And now I need everything on CD', 'We didn't know that it was
copyrighted', 'Yesterday I spoke to another webdesigner who is cheaper /
said that all should be in frames / told me with Frontpage we would have been
online in one day'

Only work for people that you like. Your feelings at the first meeting can
be important signs, like a preview of what to come after the project started.


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