[thelist] Advice on Getting That First Client

Michiel Trimpe M.B.Trimpe at student.tue.nl
Sat May 11 03:50:01 CDT 2002

muinar> I'd underline 'with caution'. Sometimes it turns out that the customers who
muinar> are looking for a cheap price, are those who try to get the absolutely most
muinar> out of you...

Yep, been there. I got tangled up in a project like that a while ago.
Ended up underbidding 30% and producing 40% above spec. Ended up
putting all their things on the long run and thus took me a year to
complete. I can tell you, that ain't fun.

And as muinar said, I could've felt it coming at the first meeting.
Does teach you quite a lot though ... :)

Best regards,
 Michiel                            mailto:M.B.Trimpe at student.tue.nl

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