[thelist] Tables or no tables --> that is the question.

Stephane Gosselin stef at cfusions.com
Sat May 11 09:08:01 CDT 2002

         Yeah. I coded my very first .html page about hmmm.... 7-8 years ago.
That was when DHTML and CSS was mostly passed over by developers cuz of the
lack of standards.
I have been back in server application design for 2 years, as I had a *love
at first sight encounter with PHP. :o)
I mostly code php generated pages for various applications, and I'd say 3/4
of my work is back end DB manipulation forms.

My approach, has most always been 'tabular'.
For the past year, I've been reading up on css here and there, read a bunch
of tuts, I've been wanting bad  to make my designs less 'linear'

Sure. I've used style sheets to adust my text size & color for a long time,
but... I have yet to break away from the good old tried & tested table
layouts to position my page elements.

I'd like to have a simple way of incorparating CSS positioning in my
layouts, without affecting accessibility,
Tables will always be needed to display database results, for example, but
on a regular typical page...
maybe css has advantages?  How many here use just div tags for layout? What
would be the exact accessibility issues with such a lay-out?

All links welcomed.

<tip type="php">

Photoshop time, with PHP??? -> (Windows only!)

// Opens photoshop & plays the action action specified on the image.
// Makes for hours of clean fun.
$ps = new COM('Photoshop.Application') or die("Unable to instanciate
$ps->Visible = 1;
$ps->PlayAction('do some stuff then save and close image');
$ps= null;


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