[thelist] Is a copyright statement required?

Mark Gallagher mark at cyberfuddle.com
Sat May 11 11:09:01 CDT 2002

Peter Kaulback wrote:
> My last post of a possible site copy introduced other niggling concerns.
> One being that a web designer does have copyright over their design I know,

Disclaimer: IANAL(IJPOOTL).

Uh, that depends.  In most countries, if you do work for someone, then
that work is copyright the client, not the designer.

> but if the site owner does not mention copyright anywhere within the site
> or it's underlying code, what then?

Still copyright.  Of course, a copyright notice helps - especially as
some people seem to believe that if there isn't a copyright notice on
something, it's in the public domain and can happily be stolen.

Mark Gallagher

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