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Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Sat May 11 12:53:01 CDT 2002

I'm not sure that you can do this with DB_File.pm.  It looks like this
module creates a DLL which I would assume needs to go into C:\winnt\system32.

Note, I don't use Windows very much so you may able to install this
somewhere else.  But I'd guess you'd need to find a binary version or
have a compiler to create it from source.


Keith writes:

> At 08:40 AM Saturday 5/11/02, you wrote:
> >Hey ya'll ...
> >
> >I was attempting to install moveable type on my personal web site, hosted by
> >a third-party, running winNT.  I *almost* got it all sorted out and was
> >looking forward to using it.  However, it requires a perl module DB_File,
> >and my host says they can't (won't?) install it.  :(  I only have FTP access
> >to my host, no SSH or telnet.  From the documentation, it says that file has
> >to be installed directly on the winNT machine.  Does anyone know anything
> >different?  Has anyone been able to get it installed under similar
> >circumstances?  All of the other modules required I could FTP, except this
> >one.  :(
> No problem. The Perl module *does* need to be installed, but it does *not*
> need to be installed by the system admin. Perl modules are usually
> installed in the Perl library directory, which you probably can't get to,
> but they do not NEED to be installed there. You can install it your self
> just by FTPing it to the right place.

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