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snowdux at adelphia.net snowdux at adelphia.net
Sun May 12 16:20:00 CDT 2002

On 11 May 2002 at 14:02, { schaapy } wrote:

> This isn't in ASP but you might be able to install it on your server alot
> easier. Check out http://noahgrey.com/greysoft/.

I use Greymatter for my blog, http://www.stimilon.org , and it very
simple to install, config, and edit the templates. I am currently using
one of the Greymatter default templates, but I am working on
making my own, and it seems to be decently easy. It uses perl and
you only need to be able to ftp and chmod. Anything you could
possible need to know is in the FAQ file.

bill at stimilon.org

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