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> I actually did write my congress critter and posted full details on how to
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Why?  Some crappy company wanted to replace domain
names and searching, with a proprietary replacement intended
to disenfranchise legitimate domain owners (search terms
return only one result, award to the highest bidder) and
act against the best interests of web users.

To achieve that goal they try to piggy-back themselves
onto the browser share of a convicted monopolist and
software pirate, by bribing them with $25 million of VC
funding.  Additionally, they decide to have no alternative
'plan B' of any kind whatsoever.

Money runs out, MS tells them to sod off.  And they start
whining *now*?  I'm supposed to be *sorry* they went under?
No - I'm glad.  Fuck 'em.

Darwin 1, RealNames 0.

And this is off topic so you and Hugh owe tips :-)

<tip type="Zope">

Zope PCGI for Apache 2.0 has been released.  Which means
they've got those PHP and Perl guys beat in at least one
respect :-)

For the uninitiated, PCGI is the Apache module which enables
Apache to serve Zope pages without the use of unreliable and
memory-hogging ProxyPass directives.  Though both solutions
have their pluses and minuses, to be fair.



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