[thelist] ColdFusion Remark Tip

Michael Wolfe wolfboy69 at earthlink.net
Mon May 13 01:59:00 CDT 2002

> I wasn't talking about comments for other people. I'm talking about the
> case where you are generating output that is complex, and html comments
> can help you trace the result of your CF code. Does that make sense?

And on a related note...

<tip type="ColdFusion" author="Michael Wolfe">
Make use of hot-keys in ColdFusion Studio.  They will shorten your
development time, and save you from carpal tunnel syndrome!

My personal favorites:

CTRL + Shift + M = CF comment
CTRL + Shift + N = Surround with #'s
CTRL + Shift + = = CFOUTPUT
CTRL + Shift + - = CFSCRIPT
CTRL + Shift + 0 = CFSWITCH
CTRL + Shift + 9 = CFCASE

You can reach the keyboard customization dialog in CF Studio by pressing

Mike Wolfe
vws at visionary-art.com

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