[thelist] RealNames is going dead

Chris Mason masonc at masonc.com
Mon May 13 06:07:01 CDT 2002

Absolutely agree! I wrote Keith Teare and told him he would get no sympathy
from me for trying to do an end run around a perfectly reasonable public
system, for his own profit. The fact that MS canned him is of no interest to
us, he was in bed with them so hard when it suited him.

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<quote who="John Handelaar">
> Money runs out, MS tells them to sod off.  And they start
whining *now*?  I'm supposed to be *sorry* they went under?
> No - I'm glad.  Fuck

For a while while reading this guys crap my emotional side kicked in and I
almost felt sorry for him, then my higher brain functions kicked in...

This guy wasted
millions of dollars on a needless and proprietary way to get to websites,
and he worked for theEvil Empire (MSFT) then complains about being dropped
by them. Boo hoo.

His product only
worked with MicroSkunk Internet Exploiter.

He didn't work to improve the existing
system (like it needs it...)

He wasted at least 25 million dollars that could have gone to
plenty of other projects that actually help internet users. Money lost ==

So why again should I care about some snake oil peddler with vapourware to

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