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Mon May 13 09:26:01 CDT 2002

I don't normally do web page design as an offered service, in fact if you
read this and have any of the history of my posts you will understand why,
for those not willing or having the knowledge I suggest you review the site
and look for my postings there before answering. I can imagine that this
will be a long letter/missive as it will take me a while to post and
describe exactly what it is I am having trouble with.

Back to the start...  I don't normally offer web site design work unless
there are a few certainties involved. To be honest my online company has a
bunch of incompetant employees and web developement would be led by me and I
am comfortable admiting to you all that I really am not sure what I am

I can set up cgi/perl, for instance, but I know nothing about NT servers
though (but that is not relivant except to show you where I am coming from.)
I have some of my sites hosted on some NT servers but I simply can not get
them very well, they have cgi environments (is that the right term?) but for
instance they won't let me CHMOD files as the permissions are *supposedly*
already set.

I can write some decent html... This is limited in what I can find online.
We recently had a discussion here in the forum about copyright and the need
(or lack there of) for permission to use images. IMHO the best way to learn
html/web design is to find a page you like and right click>view
source>copy>paste>and turn it into your own...  For those of you that make
money doing this, then please accept the emphasis on "your own" as I know
full well what it is like to have your blood, sweat, and tears show up
online elsewhere without your name on it or without your being paid for it.
I have been fortunate to not have to resort to Ramen Noodles though and I
can fully attribute that to luck.

With all this said, I have some questions and the dilema is I am not home
and on someone else's PC at the moment. To be honest it is a pro bono client
but I am going to be here for the remainder of the day regardless of how
quickly I manage to complete the job, it is for my sister. I will, however,
insure that her computer is fully functional and the obselete scanner is
updated and will email the image files without having to save them to a (in
a second process, of course they will be saved in a temp directory in the
interim) second directory before mailing them.

This is not the problem though... I have a long standing client...  She is
one of our promotional clients, for those of you that do not know, that is
what we do. We optimize (or optimise for you real English speakers) websites
for search engine ranking and then submit the sites for potential listing as
a main provision. I have made the client, a rather nice lady, a great deal
of money and she is looking to have a real site made for the services she
offers. I am very tempted to outsource it but the fee she is willing to pay
would get her a site I could make in my sleep.  Pardon my digression but
there is a point to all of this...

I have not been able to make her enough money to go out and really spend the
money that she needs to to buy a decent site. I did see a post in here
recently about getting that first client, "If you build it they will come."
Make a great site and see what happens, make it on a free server, sell
something from it, bring it traffic and eventually someone will come along
and ask about it. I will offer some pro bono consultation of 'net marketing
is how you intend to get your clients just because we have all been there

I use a half a dozen html editors on every page, the final is done in
notepad actually and some work done in Outlook Express believe it or not. I
write my code by really writing code :) I do use many add-ons and save a lot
of time that way. But, now I am here and unable to check the following and
while I am here and forced to have the time to work on this I am at a

How would I do the following?

I want the color to fade from top to bottom...  I want the background color
to be darkish blue at the top of the page and as you go down the page I want
the background color to lighten towards white. I do not want to do this with
a bloated image file being called, I want it to be html. I don't want the
page, when loaded, to fade from one color to the next, I can do that, I want
it to be a background that is faded.

Can I do the following?

Let's say I can't do the above with anyway that you all know. I am really
certain that if it can be done one of you will know how to do it. Can I do
this? In one single page can you have;


<body bgcolor=#66FFFF>
*current text*
</body></html> <-- </html> might not be needed
<body><body bgcolor="new color">

And on through the page that way? Would that work? I wish I were able to
change the computer I am on but it does not belong to me so I am not able
to. All it would do would be the change from "hide known file extensions" as
it is a Windows OS but it is not mine and she is not good at computers and I
know that I would not change it back. Later on tonight I'd get thirty calls
asking what a .txt file is and more so I simply can't test this on my own at
the moment and never really thought to until I was approached about an hour
ago with the idea.

The following is an embarassment to me but please take a look if you want to
see what I will eventually be going for. http://galaxian.digitalrice.com I
am wanting the ugly blue in the background to fade from about the blue that
is in the "needle" pic down to the bottom. I can do it with image files (I
think - I know it can be done - but I have never attempted to do this.)

If there is someone out there that would like to take this over I can also
consult with here and I do not ask/want a commission from getting the
client, she pays me to promote her and that is what I do. Can I do this? I
suppose but I am at a loss with this one, I looked for java answers but I
don't have any that simply fade the bgcolor and I am not sure that it is
possible to do that way...  So... I am at a loss...  Hook me up or if you
don't know how but want to try it take a look at that and then ask me for
US)and maybe take over the job.

If you want the job (it pays VERY LITTLE) then contact me out of the list!
As the provider of several list I know that there is no reason to us the
list for this and no need to bog/hog the server.

If you know the solution I'd be grateful to know. I imagine that I/she will
only need a single page to base the rest off of (preferably based and
including the page from above so we can see how it fits together.)

Ah well... I want to get this posted and go look for some updated drivers...


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