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Mon May 13 09:36:01 CDT 2002

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> Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 07:58:31 -0700
> Subject: [thelist] background images not repeating in NN4
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> Good morning everyone,
> I was trying to throw a site together real quick and I can't seem to
> some of the background images in the table cells to repeat.
> This is just basic HTML with no CSS or anything. I don't understand
why this
> isn't working.
> It works fine in IE5, IE6, and Netscape 6 but not Netscape4.61
> Can anyone take a gander at it and see if you can find the problem?
> www.beldamar.com/acdtrux/
> Thanks
> Brad Miller
> www.beldamar.com
> brad at beldamar.com

I seem to recall a spec within which "tiled" (or "tile") is one option
for some attribute. Possibly NN4.61 followed the spec?

techwatcher at accesswriters.com

P.S. I immediately printed out all of Ben's advice -- I've already
mastered most of the positive (first) list, but the avoidance tips are
worth their weight in gold. I'm always being screwed by clients (among
others), and had no idea what to do differently.
The only rule I had developed, after years of experience, was: If the
client refuses to pay on delivery, then demands other work after which
he promises to pay, don't do the work because he won't pay anyway, no
matter what else you accomplish.
Ben's "signs and portents" are going onto my newly constructed radar
screen right now!

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