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Mark Gallagher mark at cyberfuddle.com
Mon May 13 09:41:02 CDT 2002

Eating Cheetos wrote:

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> How would I do the following?
> I want the color to fade from top to bottom...  I want the background color
> to be darkish blue at the top of the page and as you go down the page I
> want
> the background color to lighten towards white. I do not want to do this
> with
> a bloated image file being called, I want it to be html. I don't want the
> page, when loaded, to fade from one color to the next, I can do that, I
> want
> it to be a background that is faded.

No, you can't - not with HTML, and not AFAIK with CSS.  It *is* possible
to hack together a similar effect - see
<http://users.bigpond.net.au/rf/tricks/rainbows2.htm> (doesn't work in

> Can I do the following?
> Let's say I can't do the above with anyway that you all know. I am really
> certain that if it can be done one of you will know how to do it. Can I do
> this? In one single page can you have;
> <html>
> <body bgcolor=#66FFFF>
> *current text*
> </body></html> <-- </html> might not be needed
> <body><body bgcolor="new color">
> And on through the page that way? Would that work? I wish I were able to
> change the computer I am on but it does not belong to me so I am not able
> to. All it would do would be the change from "hide known file
> extensions" as
> it is a Windows OS but it is not mine and she is not good at computers
> and I
> know that I would not change it back. Later on tonight I'd get thirty calls
> asking what a .txt file is and more so I simply can't test this on my
> own at
> the moment and never really thought to until I was approached about an hour
> ago with the idea.

I believe it was Netscape Navigator 1 (?) that allowed something like
this to create a transitions-like effect.  That's since been fixed.

> The following is an embarassment to me but please take a look if you
> want to
> see what I will eventually be going for. http://galaxian.digitalrice.com I

Hmmm, I've been getting a lot of spam on that theme lately - "MLM
doesn't work, it's all a pack of lies, but *our* system *isn't*!" - but
I'm sure this lovely lady you're working for wouldn't get involved in
any of *that*...

> am wanting the ugly blue in the background to fade from about the blue that
> is in the "needle" pic down to the bottom. I can do it with image files (I
> think - I know it can be done - but I have never attempted to do this.)

Yes, it can be done with images.

It can't be done with HTML, *especially* not HTML4.  The thing to
remember is that HTML isn't used to *do* things - for example, <IMG>
doesn't mean "display an image here", it means "this is an image".  <EM>
doesn't mean "display this in italics" it means "this text has more
emphasis than that around it".  So evidently a group of tags that
command the browser to display a gradient-like effect for the background
would be pretty much impossible, hey?

> If there is someone out there that would like to take this over I can also
> consult with here and I do not ask/want a commission from getting the
> client, she pays me to promote her and that is what I do. Can I do this? I
> suppose but I am at a loss with this one, I looked for java answers but I
> don't have any that simply fade the bgcolor and I am not sure that it is
> possible to do that way...  So... I am at a loss...  Hook me up or if you

Using Java for this would be a big mistake.

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Mark Gallagher

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