[thelist] Is my perception correct? (J2EE & .NET)

Jared M. Spool jspool at uie.com
Mon May 13 10:40:00 CDT 2002

You guys seem really smart in areas I'm just an egg. So, what I'm
asking may seem like a stupid question -- if so, lay it on me... :)
Just know that I'm asking this because I don't want to look stupid in
front of an even larger audience.

We're writing a brief looking at the UIs that result from
technologies like J2EE and .NET. In all of our research on the topic,
we've concluded that, while these new technologies are a real boon
for server-side stuff, they are very weak on the client-side. In
particular, they are extremely weak in providing new interface tools
for developers who want to have powerful client-side applications.

Is the above statement true or complete bull? I wanna hear if I'm on
the right track or completely out of my element.

Thanks in advance...


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