[thelist] Is my perception correct? (J2EE & .NET)

David at softv.net David at softv.net
Mon May 13 10:56:01 CDT 2002

Hey Jared,

This is just my opinion being a programmer who users Java as my preferred
language, hopefully it doesn't start a religious war...

As far as J2EE being weak on the client side, I have to disagree with that.
The Java 2 Swing UI components are extremely powerful and customizable
beyond anything you will see in other UI based languages (VB, Delpi,
etc...). Check out this page to see what can be done with Swing:
http://java.sun.com/products/jfc/tsc/sightings/S09.html Oracle, IBM, et al.
can't all be wrong for choosing Java.

Like everything else in our business it's a trade-off. Java client-side UIs
will work on most any OS that will support a JVM but is slower than native
code GUIs. Windows based GUIs (C++ and now C#, VB.NOT...) are extremely
fast, but only run on Windows.

P.S. Not too sure what you mean by "new interface tools
for developers...", can you clarify?


David Mitchell
Web/Software Developer
david at sofTV.net
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