[thelist] Re: authority for the Web!

David Kutcher david_kutcher at hotmail.com
Mon May 13 12:44:05 CDT 2002

Before you make statements like the one below, you might want to think about
the implications.  To say that the Web was "invented" by one man is
factually wrong.  He created the http protocol and the ideas behind html,
but it was based on technologies and inventions that preceeded him, most
notably TCP/IP.  Without this standard, his http protocol would be useless.

Also, it might help to read a brief, but well written scorecard in regards
to the history of the internet.

Keep in mind as well that "the Web" is more than web pages.  To think of it
only as web pages is exceptionally limiting.

Also, if it weren't for Berkeley's BIND "invention", you would still be
accessing web pages by memorizing IP addresses.


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From: "Techwatcher" <techwatcher at accesswriters.com>
> Remember the Web (capital letter because it's one specific entity) was
> actually invented by one man, Tim Berners-Lee, and he works for the w3c
> now.

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