[thelist] [OT] A farewell and thanks.

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon May 13 13:58:01 CDT 2002

Hello again evolters -

For a number of reasons, personal and professional, I'm moving on from
evolt.org, and wanted to say farewell to a list and a community that
I've come to love, respect, and count on. Three and a half years ago, I
fought back against the status quo to help create what today is known as
the evolt.org community, it's primary goal to creat a place for web
developers to help out other web developers out in a non-commercial,
friendly, and professional enviornment. I'm happy to say that the
community as a whole, and especially thelist, has become everything that
I'd hoped it *could* become so long ago, and so much more.

You all have never ceased to amaze me with your talent, thoughtfullness,
and willingness to help out your peers without any real reward, and in
the true spirit that the Internet was founded upon. I hope that some of
you are encouraged to see that a group of highly motivated people can
accomplish something like evolt.org without major funding or a brand
name. I'm living proof that it can be done, and I'd encourage all of you
to believe in yourselves and try to make a difference in any area you can.

And I'm starting to get more emotional than I should here.

It's been a real honor for me to serve you for as long as I have, and
I'm very proud of everything we've accomplished together over the years.
I can't fully express how much you all mean to me in this simple text
based medium, and hopefully I don't have to.

Take care friends, keep kickin ass, and I'll see you around :)


p.s. I'll still be posting to my weblog at http://five2one.org and I
look forward to keeping in touch with many of you!!

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