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Adam adam at hallinteractive.com
Mon May 13 14:51:05 CDT 2002


I tried all of these sites but none had what I need. taken with the zero
response from the list does this mean its not possible? I thought maybe a
"if this url is top  show this style for this id" sort of thing
then the js could tell which page is up then apply a style to a defined id.

obviously I'm not a js wizard. If anyone can point out some more sites I can
check out that would roxor.


on 5/13/02 2:11 PM, Adam at adam at hallinteractive.com wrote:

> hey all.
> quick question.
> I'm in need of a pre-written javascript that assigns a value to a css link
> state. ummm that might not make sense... clicking on link "foo" should take
> the user to the appropriate page and have a visual state that shows the user
> where they are. so "foo" would be bold and red when the page is foo.html but
> go to its visited state when "foo2" is clicked. I've seen this for image
> rollovers is it possible with css?
> bah...mondays ...here is my css
> #nav a:link {
> color: #000033;
> font-size: 11px;
> line-height: 0px;
> font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, Swiss, SunSans-Regular, sans-serif;
> text-decoration: underline;
> }
> #nav a:visited {
> color: red;
> font-weight: bold;
> text-decoration: underline;
> }
> #nav a:hover {
> color: #264e66;
> text-decoration: none;
> }
> #nav a:active {
> color: #808080;
> text-decoration: none;
> }
> I hope someone can make sense of my ramblings...
> any help would be greatly appreciated!
> cheers,
> Adam.
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adam at hallinteractive.com

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