[thelist] javascipt and css hover

Adam adam at hallinteractive.com
Mon May 13 15:27:01 CDT 2002

hey Josh thx for responding.

I have these 2 pages with the same navigation setup being called by way of a
server side include. The navigation is simply text links styled with css and
using the pseudo class hover attribute. What I need is to have the link TO
and ON one.html be a different style(identifying location) until two.html is
clicked and you are on two.html, where the link TO two.html will have a
different style signifying that you are on two.html. and the link to
one.html will be in it's visited state as per the norm. images are not an
option in this case.

that may actually be more confusing ....

...like the tabs work on amazon.com to show you what section you are in only
using the same navigation (cuz I used an include being called in ten billion

my original thought was that possibly js could detect the current location(
one.html) and display a style according to an id assigned to the link

hope you can help...or even suggest some js. sites I can check out.


> I am a little confused by what you are trying to do. Can you take my
> situation and turn it into your own?
> You have two pages, one.html and two.html.  Each of these pages has two
> links, href=one.html and href=two.html.  Now what?
> Josh

adam at hallinteractive.com

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