[thelist] javascipt and css hover

Scott Schrantz scotts at rci-nv.com
Mon May 13 16:01:00 CDT 2002

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> From: Adam [mailto:adam at hallinteractive.com]
> yep. really the complication is that I'm attempting to use the same
> navigation on all of these pages being called from the include. If the
> navigation was a part of every document I could just apply an
> inline style
> to the link that denotes current location.
> It's a tough jam I'm in...
> whadda yu think?

Can you do server-side scripting? I do this on my site
(www.computer-vet.com) with server-side code in the include. Basically it
checks the name of the page, and then (in pseudocode)

If CurrentPage = "services.asp"
	Show Services as current page
	Link to services.asp
End If

If CurrentPage = "portfolio.asp"
	Show Portfolio as current page
	Link to portfolio.asp
End If

You don't really want the "link" to the current page to be a link - you just
want it to be styled text that screams "You are here."
Look also at the top and side menus on www.rci-nv.com. All one include file,
with a lot of server-side processing.

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