[thelist] Is my perception correct? (J2EE & .NET)

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Mon May 13 16:15:10 CDT 2002

FWIW, it seems painfully obvious to this programmer that Java owns the
server side, and .Net owns the client side. If only Sun and MS would figure
this out, stop killing each other, and cooperate...kumbaya...

I also don't think anyone can call .Net's WinForms "extremely weak in
providing new interface tools" by any stretch of the imagination though.
It's much got potential to be much slicker than any UI, what's the word,
paradigm?, out there. Although it's not as powerful as Swing yet, it will
be. Never doubt MS when they set their mind to something.

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> You guys seem really smart in areas I'm just an egg. So, what I'm
> asking may seem like a stupid question -- if so, lay it on me... :)
> Just know that I'm asking this because I don't want to look stupid in
> front of an even larger audience.
> We're writing a brief looking at the UIs that result from
> technologies like J2EE and .NET. In all of our research on the topic,
> we've concluded that, while these new technologies are a real boon
> for server-side stuff, they are very weak on the client-side. In
> particular, they are extremely weak in providing new interface tools
> for developers who want to have powerful client-side applications.
> Is the above statement true or complete bull? I wanna hear if I'm on
> the right track or completely out of my element.
> Thanks in advance...
> Jared

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