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Cayley Vos cvos at netpaths.net
Mon May 13 19:11:01 CDT 2002

I've done this, but server side instead of client side.   Checkout

http://easyplayers.com    the navigation shows you what pages you are on.

Used   phpdms.de  for this one.  Complex program, but really cool

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> hey Josh thx for responding.
> I have these 2 pages with the same navigation setup being called by way of a
> server side include. The navigation is simply text links styled with css and
> using the pseudo class hover attribute. What I need is to have the link TO
> and ON one.html be a different style(identifying location) until two.html is
> clicked and you are on two.html, where the link TO two.html will have a
> different style signifying that you are on two.html. and the link to
> one.html will be in it's visited state as per the norm. images are not an
> option in this case.
> that may actually be more confusing ....

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