[thelist] XML/Flash project preparation

John Corry webshot at members.evolt.org
Mon May 13 19:31:00 CDT 2002

Well, this is really cool. Last month or so I conducted an experiment
with Flash, to try to learn how to take advantage of it's XML importing
feature. This was the first time I'd ever messed with dynamic Flash, and
it was really fun. (I feel like I've totally beat this into the ground,
but for those of you who wonder what I'm talking about:
http://www.simmerhawaii.com/flash/index.php). This was built only as a
prototype and has no exception reporting built in (like, if it fails to
load/display...thats it...no warning, no explanation, no nothing)

So now, I have an opportunity to use this in real life...live on a
client's site, for pay.

<tip type="professional development">
Spend time learning new stuff...experiment, stay up late, get
frustrated. Even if you don't make as fast progress as you hope, it's
totally worth it. Imagine what ou could do with an expanded skillset!
Well, how will you get there without pushing yourself to new limits?

So...I'm asking for some help architecting this thing. Especially you
Flash folks who know how to best deliver this sort of content (yes, you
Erik M.)

1) What are the Flash/XML limitations? They say it works in Flash 5+,
but I had some problems with users when I asked them to check out my
last experiment. What do I need to look out for? Any actionscript
functions/methods to steer clear of for maximum compatibility?

2) I think my strategy is to deliver XML driven Flash content to flash
player 5+ users, static flash content to 3+ users and a big .gif +
imagemap to non-flash users. What's the best way to discern these
different users? (Logs suggest 99% of my site's users are JavaScript
enabled...so I don't mind relying on JS to make this discernment).

My main concern is making this thing as compatible as possible within
the time+budget+feature constraints (which all but require Flash over
any other publishing format). All of the content I display in Flash will
be a) confined to one page or to a small area of pages b) available in
other (text + gif) formats elsewhere in the site.

I know some of you hate Flash...please refrain from turning this into a
'why use Flash' discussion...it will be more productive I think if it's
left as a 'how to use Flash'. More productive for *me* anyway...

John Corry

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