[thelist] Re: "The Web" is what I was talking about

Michiel Trimpe M.B.Trimpe at student.tue.nl
Tue May 14 10:03:00 CDT 2002

T> P.S. For any others out there who want this and don't know to watch for
T> it: www.senseboard.com -- a company with a "virtual keyboard" to be in
T> production soon. I am always looking for a reasonable keyboard, and I
T> missed this one, so some of you might have, too.

I knew I should've patented it back then :) I worked on a prototype of
what the senseboard does about seven years ago, when I was 13. Didn't
manage to get it working then. They are trying to patent it now. Maybe
I can annoy them a bit, I've got some seven year old sheets of paper
lying around ;-)

Same goes for the flexible keyboard. I actually have a working
prototype for that one somewhere. (Regular keyboard with the sheets
glued together and the original electronics in a separate box)

<tip type="XML" author="Michiel Trimpe">
Ever felt the need to force your whole department to use XML but
backed down because they couldn't get it working? Try using software
that enforces the DTD in a WYSYWIG manner.
See for example XMLSpy

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