[thelist] Win2k hosting companies (suggestions please)

Scott Schrantz scotts at rci-nv.com
Tue May 14 14:42:00 CDT 2002

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> From: Chris W. Parker [mailto:cparker at swatgear.com]
> i've been looking for a hosting company to host a website i'm doing
> right now. i stumbled up http://www.brinkster.com/
> does anyone have any experience with them in particular? or any other
> suggestions are welcome as well. (preferably located here in the US.)

I've had my personal website and e-mail happily hosted with Brinkster since
last summer. No complaints here, not one problem yet. But then I have a
small site with almost no traffic.
Scott Schrantz
work: www.rci-nv.com
play: www.computer-vet.com

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