[thelist] [OT?] help with port filtering

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Tue May 14 17:23:01 CDT 2002

> > i hope this isn't off topic because i can't think of any tips at the
> > moment. although i'll try to put one in anyways.

whoops i forgot! oh no!

> > (to be clear, blocking ports on the
> > gateway [the t1 router] does not restrict flow on our
> intranet correct?)
> That is correct.

ok good.

> > http : 80
> > https : 443
> > smtp : 25
> > time service : (?)
> > outlook web access (i'll guess that owa utilizes both http
> or https?)
> > exchange2000, we only use smtp for sending mail, but i'm not sure if
> > there are any other ports related to exchange 2k and say,
> outlook web
> > access that i should be aware of.
> > dns : (?)
> > dhcp : (?)
> Are you sure you want to allow DHCP requests in/out?  Do you
> not have a
> local DHCP server, or are you wanting to service DHCP
> requests from the
> external Internet (bad idea, btw)?

well i'm going to assume that we only use DHCP on the intranet for NAT,
10.0.0.x ip scheme. as for the router i think it's a static ip set in
the router and not DHCP'd. but i'm not positive, it makes sense that it
wouldn't be DHCP'd though.

<tip author="chris parker" type="organization">
Are you lazy and usually unorganized? Does your desk look like mine does
having 50 different papers strewn all around with one sentence that
serves as a reminder? Do you also lack charm and social skills and are
generally unhygenic?

Well I can't help you on the last question, but I can give some
suggestions as to the other ones. I've come to take advantage of a small
pad of paper, pen, and my outlook Tasks list. Any task list organizer
will do, just make sure you write down what you need to do and at the
end of the day anything that is not done should be entered into your
Tasks list with, if possible, a priority setting.

was that weak? oh man i'm bad at this. ;)

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