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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed May 15 00:05:00 CDT 2002

> From: "pms" <evolt at stoutstreet.com>
> Comments on http://www.stoutstreet.com greatly appreciated.

quick feedback, before i fall asleep face down on my keyboard...

- i discovered the pop-up text on the footer only accidentally while
trying to select one of the images in the other menus...

- those menus don't look like menus -- there is no clue that "we"
"build" "sites" do anything, and having the name on the right in the
same format only confuses the issue -- i want the name to *do*
something when i hover because it follows the style of the other

- can't say i'm a fan of <div>s as the exclusive content container,
since i suspect you could get some more appropriate structural or
semantic tags in there...

- the home page says *nothing* to me at all, unless, of course, i
start exploring, which i don't think is a good approach to get me to
learn about your company...

- those darn three buttons on the left... ugh, i roll over one, the
menu *flies* out, i move toward it, and the damn thing *flies* in and
another *spews* out... people aren't going to move in an "L" shape,
they're going to go diagonally (especially from the third one), which
means another menu will fly out instead, and so begins the mouse
dance... there's the whole fitts' law thingie...

- where's the rest of the site?

- do prospects even care about the second menu?  do they know what
those technologies mean?

- why does the first menu say "we" as the title, but only have one
name and photo?  and why is the email address within the *only* link
in red on the entire site/page?  even the photos aren't bordered in

- your case studies are just links to the site... i *expected* case
studies since there's so little content -- you know, let the projects
define the company... but nope, new windows with the site in 'em...

- at larger window sizes, "stout street" gets kinda lost on the

- the image rollovers take a long time to fire -- compared to the
speed of the menus...

overall, it's kinda neat, but those menus would cause me to walk away
if i were seriously looking... too hard to use, not enough
information within to make it worth mouse gymnastics...  ofer more
content within a click (featured case study?), perhaps even a quick
description, and i think you have a keeper...

Read the evolt.org case study
Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself
ISBN: 1904151035

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