[thelist] CGI/PERL question :)

KGIII king_galen at hotmail.com
Wed May 15 05:48:03 CDT 2002

> Where it all started (for me): http://www.cgi101.com/ (although I
> didn't bother with the non-free parts)
> Then the guide: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/perlcdbs2/ (I've got
> version one, its brilliant)

I will begin reviewing them in just a few moments actually. If you look
here: http://galaxian.netfirms.com (follow the link) use the user login, I
made an account for you to look at if you are at all interested...

User: user
Pass: pass

You can mail if you want to with that, it is fully functional, just please
be sure to use the word testing in the subject or what ever. Make sure that
they know you are all gurus :)

Basically that, if you go there, is a script that powers something similar
to this list only it is in html format and it is for sending out ads to
other people. People spend a lot of money to join these things. I am looking
to do some alteration on the script itself, I have done some basic work on
it and set it to allow html emails from it as well. I even have a very basic
tutorial that they can download with it.  But there is much more that I'd
like to do which is why I am going to throw myself into this. I want to be
able to set it up so that they can use [first_name] and it will call to the
user database and pull out the user name and insert it in that field for all
the different message  recipients.  Then there is so much more that I want
to do with that as well...  I really need to find a coder that is out of
work and willing to work on commission, maybe I should make a safelist just
for you guys? Free of course but you would be able to post your ads in there
and maybe that will help keep the spam out of here? Just an idea...  Any

If there are more sources out there let me know please people, thank you for
your prompt and accurate answer David, I shall be looking at those pages in
just a moment.


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