[thelist] Blogging a-gogo

Michael Galvin mgalvin at sourcevisualthinking.ie
Wed May 15 10:14:01 CDT 2002

I'd like to give my clients a few options when it comes to updating their
websites, for the time being exclusively for their news pages.  Ignoring for
the moment the prospect of a database-driven page or anything involving PHP
or ASP, I figured that some sort of blogging software would suffice just
fine.  Obviously, it would need to have a web interface, allow archiving,
etc.  I've like to keep them away from blogger.com if possible (too many
suicidal teenagers writing bad poetry) but it does appear to be the most
accessible for computer-phobic clients.

I have a quick look for Perl scripts and am considering hosting a script on
my company's site which would link to the client's website, and allow them
to post news from our server to theirs.  I'm sure this is pie-in-the-sky,

Any suggestions?

Michael Galvin
source visual thinking

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