[thelist] Blogging a-gogo

Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at brown.edu
Wed May 15 10:24:01 CDT 2002

At 16:12 +0100 5/15/02, Michael Galvin wrote:
>I'd like to give my clients a few options when it comes to updating their
>websites, for the time being exclusively for their news pages.  Ignoring for
>the moment the prospect of a database-driven page or anything involving PHP
>or ASP, I figured that some sort of blogging software would suffice just
>fine.  Obviously, it would need to have a web interface, allow archiving,
>etc.  I've like to keep them away from blogger.com if possible (too many
>suicidal teenagers writing bad poetry) but it does appear to be the most
>accessible for computer-phobic clients.
>I have a quick look for Perl scripts and am considering hosting a script on
>my company's site which would link to the client's website, and allow them
>to post news from our server to theirs.  I'm sure this is pie-in-the-sky,
>Any suggestions?

Movable Type.


I think even computer-phobic clients could get behind it.
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