[thelist] Sample Maintenance Agreement?

Bob Haroche bob at onpointsolutions.com
Wed May 15 13:23:01 CDT 2002

I'm in search of a few decent web maintenance agreements to look at for use
with my clients. I have a decent web design contract (for building or
re-designing sites), but for ongoing maintenance I've simply been billing
clients on an hourly basis.

I'd now like to offer a monthly or quarterly package deal where for a set
fee I offer various services (certain hrs maintenance, tech support, hosting
reselling possibly, etc.). I am NOT looking for prices or rates set by
others. I'm more interested in the bundle of services which have proven
popular with clients and profitable for developers.

I've found a fair number of contract templates through the search engines,
but nothing remarkable. Can anyone direct me to some decent models?

Thanks in advance.

<tip type="Handling AOL Proxy Caching">

If you ever have a client using AOL who can't see the updated pages you just
posted, it might because AOL caches pages and the client can't get the most
recent version. An easy work-around to this is to fool AOL into thinking the
page is dynamically generated, so instead of:


have the client go to


The browser will then request a fresh copy.


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