[thelist] Pagemaker -> HTML, PDF

Janet Green JGreen at desmoinesmetro.com
Wed May 15 14:56:01 CDT 2002

>>>Is there a way to take Pagemaker output and turn it
into HTML? <<<

As a hardcore Pagemaker user (version 6.5 for PC), I'm not familiar with any way to automatically generate HTML from a PM document. I can guarantee that if there were, I would not use it, as I would have absolutely ZERO confidence that it would generate anything clean and/or fully functional. (This is based on experience with WYSIWIG editors *and* MS Word's "HTML" function.)

>>create and post a PDF file. I'm
trying to dissuade them from doing this, though,<<<

As for PDF's, I produce an 8-page tabloid-format newsprint publication each month, with a cover image that averages 50mb in size and a back-page ad that averages another 20mb. While the finished publication file hovers around 80 mb, my finished PDF's average 3.5mb. We've had very positive reaction to placing our publication online in this format; it quickly became one of our site's top five most-downloaded files, despite its size.

I don't know if this info helps... but, if your client doesn't want to pay for re-designing into HTML (understandable), I wouldn't fear the PDF *too* much...


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