[thelist] multiple server configuration

Michael Mell mike at nthwave.net
Wed May 15 17:01:00 CDT 2002

Can someone point me to some data on preferred set up of
Apache/PHP/MySQL in a live/staging/development arrangement.

We think we want Apache/PHP and MySQL running on separate boxes for each
of the three stages. We think we also want a redundant live pair. Thus a
total of 8 machines, 4 run Apache/PHP, 4 run MySQL.

Some in local discussion think the redundant and live boxes should both
be used simultaneously with a load balancing tool splitting the load.
Seems to me that if you want a redundant backup server, you shouldn't
use it in the live setting until your live one goes down.

I don't think we will have enough traffic to warrant the second live
server pair.

Do we need the redundant server if we have the staging server?
If the staging is always a duplicate of the live, except for testing
infrequent site updates, can we treat all three live/staging/redundant
servers as if they are any one of them at any time?

Assuming we will get enough traffic to warrant the Apache/PHP--MySQL
split, is this the usually set up for rock solid serving?

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