[thelist] multiple server configuration

gary @ flipper gary at flipper.co.uk
Wed May 15 17:31:00 CDT 2002


> Can someone point me to some data on preferred set up of
> Apache/PHP/MySQL in a live/staging/development arrangement.

at the site is used to work for a couple of years back we went the
front/back-end split with load-balanced/redundancy route in late '98 - '99
in the live/staging/testing environment - using Perl rather than PHP though.
we used round-robin DNS for load balancing across the front-facing
html/image servers and also between the front-facing and the database
servers - we also had 8 - four front four back.

this setup worked really well ... our record was 2 million pages a day in
2000, 25 million a month ...  maybe more now - i dunno.

we also set up the staging/testing environments on these boxes and just
subdomained them test. staging. www. etc  and used SAMBA to share folders
and the like from the odd windows box we had in the office and then used
rsync [ http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/ ] to keep the staging/live trees in
sync :)

we also ran seperate sub-domains for content sharing portals on the same
boxes with out homegrown templating system ... whereby we wrapped content,
applications etc in different templates & css in the same way.

thats the just way we did and it all depends on the tools you use and how
you will update and load-balance ...


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