[thelist] Win 2k Server Clustering

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Wed May 15 20:15:01 CDT 2002

There are two types of clustering in Win2k. Plain clustering and network
load balancing.
First of all, Win2k clustering requires Advanced Server. Gotta get that.
Secondly Win2k's NLB is very complex. Unless you are a sucker for
hardcore learning experiences, or need the power that Win2k's nlb gives
you (nlb is really cool), just do regular failover clustering..
In either case, if at all possible, subnet the web servers ip's off at
the router and buy a small switch (8 ports should do it) just for them.
Win2k clustering generates a LOT of broadcast packets back and forth. We
learned this the hard way...
Here is your link.

Microsoft provides FRS to synchronize files between servers. If it's in
the budget a storage server makes this unnecessary.


Joshua Olson wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm looking for a dummy's guide on how to get a little webserver redundancy
> using two Windows 2k boxes with IIS on each.  I'm starting at ground zero,
> so any help would be appreciated.
> I'm thinking I'll have to have some way to synchronize the files and somehow
> automatically fail over to the second box if the first fails, but I really
> don't know where to start.
> TIA,
> -joshua

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