[thelist] NoSpam; Not sure if this is the right forum...

KGIII king_galen at hotmail.com
Wed May 15 20:28:01 CDT 2002

What happened to that college kid looking for his first client? I don't know
if this is the right forum but I have some work that needs to be outsourced
(I have no time or skills) to the right party. I'd jump on it but I don't
know how really.  They have little to no start up cash but seeing as all it
would cost me is time I'd jump on it but I don't really know how.

They need an affiliate script done. It is "matrixes" where when they have
filled the initial five blocks or so they go on to force the rest to their
downline. If there is anyone interested you can contact me. I figured that
the kid in here with the question about getting the first client might be
interested as it is viable and not very hard. They'd be working with an
excellent team I have been told and they'd only be responsible for the cgi
or SSI part of the deal.

If anyone knows his address or he gets this please write back or if you are
interested then please write back. Due to the nature of the beast let's try
to keep any of the detailed posts out of the forum so that we can keep the
list clean. My email address is an open book and I will respond, I gain
nothing (to my knowledge) from this but was approached and honestly told
them that "I can't do that."


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