[thelist] theoretical bounding box in Photoshop 6?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed May 15 21:27:00 CDT 2002

i dinna see an answer to this yet... think i'll give it a go...

> From: "Paul J White" <pjw at bw3.co.uk>
> What I mean by this is that when pixels on a layer fall below a
> certain opacity, they're not recognised as as part of that layer by
> the bounding box that is used when transforming etc. This also affects
> selections - when you control/command click to select the pixels of a
> layer, any pixel below the opacity threshold will not be included
> within the visible marquee that indicates the selection (though it
> will actually be selected - you can see this by going into quick-mask
> mode).

the 'marching ants', as far as i know, only show pixels (or include
them in their visible bounds) if they are >50% opaque...

this does not, however, mean the pixels <50% opaque are not
selected... the ants just need to draw their line somewhere...

the question is, how are you selecting pixels?  for instance, if you
ctrl-click a layer, you will select *every* pixel, except 100%
transparent pixels, even though the ants won't show them all...

if, however, you use the wand with any tolerance, you're going to
miss some of those just by the very nature of its selection method...

> Is it possible to re-define that transparency threshold so that faint
> tints etc can be transformed without having to insert a bit of opaque
> paint somewhere on the layer?

transformed how?  i haven't had a problem with this in the past...
ie, i can select a gradient, adjust the hues, and have all the pixels
in the gradient be affected, even the semi-transparent ones...

have you got an example?

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