[thelist] asp carts and sessions

Simon Hibbard shibbard at seri.co.uk
Thu May 16 03:19:00 CDT 2002

Hi all,

I have started building an ASP shoppping cart system and have
a couple of questions.

After reading around I have concluded that the 'best' way
of storing my users cart data is to use sessions to track a
user and to store the session data in the database.

 1 So the user looks around, adds something to cart

 2 session is created and stored in db by session id

 3 as user adds stuff data stored in db

 4 user goes to checkout - orders, session data removed from db

okay, questions are:

1.By creating a session, does this give you a unique id to use
or do i have to call a function or something to generate one?

2.If the user never actually checks out, how can i remove
the data from the db as this could build up after some time?
(i cannnot access the server schedular to run a script each day
to remove the data, which is what i would do)

I would apprectiate any feedback on these both my implementation
summary and the questions.

Thanks people,


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