[thelist] Offshore Outsourcing

Jack Hand jackhand at hotmail.com
Thu May 16 07:08:01 CDT 2002


  You might want to check eBay.  They have a 'Professional
Services' section on the main page.  You should be able to
list your job and have companies bid on it.  I believe that
there is no cost to you.    Jack

>From: Keith <cache at dowebscentral.com>
>I need to have 6 to 10 thousand historical newspaper articles read and
>typed into plain text. These newspaper articles are 1600's to present and
>are PDF images. Because of their age OCR is not an option. The PDFs are on
>our server and we have a view-the-PDF-while-typing editor on the server so
>that's where the work would be done. We're looking for someone offshore to
>do the work. I've never done this so I'm looking for advice.
>Any pointers about how to find offshore outsourcing would be helpful.
>The offshore idea isn't mine or mine to change, so let's don't get into it.
>Personally I have passionate opinions about doing it and not doing it, so I
>could argue with myself about it all week....
>TIA for any help

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