[thelist] (ASP) Connection time measurement

Paulo Guedes ramone at amazoniacelular.com.br
Thu May 16 13:57:01 CDT 2002

Yeah, that's what I've learned. But I don't know exactly why...

The DBA has asked me "you mean every page will create a new connection
to 'my' database? why can't you create just one connection for all users
of your application?"

I haven't found a good answer...

/Paulo Guedes

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Everything I've ever read on the subject has said DON'T put connection
objects in Global.asa or in Sessions!

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From: Amazon Paulo [mailto:Amazon.Paulo at amazoniacelular.com.br]

A friend has suggested to stop opening a new connection at each page. I
don't know whether this is a good idea to open the connection in
global.asa... or put it in a session... I'm not sure how to do it, if
it's possible. Could you help me?
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