[thelist] easy to share calendar, php (not even need for CGI bin)

Techwatcher techwatcher at accesswriters.com
Thu May 16 16:53:01 CDT 2002

While I was looking for calendars recently, I noticed there were plenty to choose from... I just paid some fellow over there in England $5
(via PayPal) for priority_cal.php, which does the job for our local Friends Meeting (Quakers). There's very little to it, but you could have
folks paste in their schedules. I issue a single ID and password (the name of a member of the meeting) for everyone, changing it each
month in the (printed) newsletter, but you could set up individual access if preferred. It's simple, but it works.

I was concerned about security, but my Web host thinks it'll be okay.

Of course, what you really need is Ecco Pro, but Netmanage no longer supports or even sells it. It's terrific group-ware as well as the
best PIM, though, and I'll never give up mine.

Cheers --
Carol Stein
techwatcher at accesswriters.com

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> From: Francois Jordaan <francois.jordaan at wheel.co.uk>
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> Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 15:12:49 +0100
> Subject: [thelist] Web calendar
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> Does anyone know of a good shared-web-calendar app that can be run from a
> server, for example as a cgi script?
> In other words, something that would enable people working together to view
> each other's appointments and available time, and so forth.
> francois

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