[thelist] ASP equivalent to CFML question

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri May 17 08:34:01 CDT 2002

> What does the [<cfoutput group="column">] CF Tag do?
> Does it work with a returned record set or with the SQL itself?

hi anthony

it works on the output, i.e. on the returned record set

i'll make up an example

let's say we have an emptable

dept  employee
32  fred
53  mary
41  bill
32  john
41  jens
32  todd
17  lars
32  jane

now let's run a query to get employee details, and make sure to sort it by
dept because that's how we want to display the data

  <cfquery  name=empquery>
     select dept, employee
         from emptable
     order by dept, employee

now let's print it out, using the GROUP= parameter to group the depts

  <cfoutput query=empquery group=dept>
      Dept: #dept#

the results look like this

      Dept: 17
      Dept: 32
      Dept: 41
      Dept: 53

this is only a very simple example, just to show the function

the purpose of CFOUTPUT GROUP= is to, um, group the output

did you notice that there's no explicit looping there?  that you don't have
to control the groups yourself?

one of the reasons i love ColdFusion is how simple and elegant, yet
comprehensive its output command is


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