[thelist] RE: [mj] Printing web pages with headers and footers

darren darren at web-bitch.co.uk
Fri May 17 09:58:00 CDT 2002

On Friday, May 17, 2002 Joel Canfield wrote:

>> What I'm looking for is a way of printing a Web page, however
>> long it happens to be, with an automatically added header and
>> footer on each printed page where the header and footer do
>> not appear anywhere on the Web page when viewed on-screen.
>> Kind of like printing a Word document.  Is this even possible?

JC> With server side includes, maybe. You'll need separate versions for screen
JC> and print, though, so Eric Meyer's article doesn't apply.

just jumping in here, so i could well have missed something...

couldn't you put the header and footer in a div with display set to 'none'
in the screen style sheet and 'block' for the print??

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