[thelist] Alternative to Atomz search

James S. Huggins (Evolt) Evolt at ZName.com
Fri May 17 10:13:07 CDT 2002

We've just learned that Atomz wants to get away from it's lower/middle-end
clients and focus on high-end ones (heh! don't we all!); and while they
didn't *say* they would no longer provide the free search service, that was
the implication.

Does anyone have any experience with a third-party search, with similar
degree of customization (reports not necessary but nice); free is wonderful
but we're willing to pay (though the jump from $0 > $10,000 is a bit

Some time ago (about 2 years; an ETERNITY) I did some research about ALL of
them I could find. My research is woefully out of date and some of the
"services" are even GONE!

But it is a starting point:


James S. Huggins


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