[thelist] Back from the dead! but has a Netscape issue

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Fri May 17 10:22:01 CDT 2002

The members of a Brazilian music mailing list were saddened by the loss of
a comprehensive links page, which had been hosted on Geocities.  With
the consent of the original owner, they recovered most of the site from
Google and Archive.org (itself an interesting resource!), and it will soon
be live at "thebml.com".

I'm providing hosting for it; at the moment it's just a pointer to a
temporary version of the reconstructed page, which is at:


We've run into a little snag, though; for some reason, the code which
works fine in IE and even in Linux's Galeon won't work in Netscape.  The
graphics seem to be simple <img src="something.jpg"> tags, but in
Netscape I see the browser trying to look up the site "www.something.jpg"
for each of them!

If you could take a moment to look at the html and tell us what broke
we'd appreciate it.

Kevin "digger" Martin <evolt at brasscannon.net>

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