[thelist] Re: Email news to a website (.forward files)

Michael Galvin mgalvin at sourcevisualthinking.ie
Fri May 17 11:25:01 CDT 2002

> In this case, use a .qmail file (man dot-qmail) or a .forward file to
> fire your Perl script at the time of message receipt (no cron necessary)
> with the message available.

I understood everything up to the first comma :)
Seriously, I understand .forward files, and have come across them before,
but the problem I have is that I couldn't figure out how to make a certain
email address invoke the file.  The domain name is in use by the company, so
it would only be, for example, news at mydomain.com which would need to call
the script.

As I said, I have very little experience writing new Perl (I can understand
existing Perl quite well) and I think I'm gonna have a problem in that I
don't own the server - I just have a host account.

Michael Galvin
source visual thinking

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