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Fri May 17 11:46:00 CDT 2002

I have a slightly elderly comparative review of ten remote search
services: Atomz, FreeFind, Google, IndexMySite4Free, siteLevel,
MiniSearch, MondoSearch, PicoSearch, SiteMiner and Webinator at


You should also take a look at FusionBot from Logika, which I haven't
reviewed but like pretty well.

To see these and more in action, I have the following running on my
Live Search Examples page

Lycos Site Search, S.L.I. Search, Spiderline, Sandy Bay, FusionBot,
Datagold, SearchEngine Site Search, Google Site Search, crawl-it,
Search-It, MiniSearch, IndexMySite4Free, siteLevel (formerly
intraSearch), Atomz Search, FreeFind, MondoSearch, PicoSearch,


Please let me know if you have specific questions about any of these,
or any other site/intranet search engines.  I love to talk about them!


At 11:59 AM -0300 5/17/02, Jen Worden wrote:
>Hi Folks ...
>We've just learned that Atomz wants to get away from it's lower/middle-end
>clients and focus on high-end ones (heh! don't we all!); and while they
>didn't *say* they would no longer provide the free search service, that was
>the implication.
>Does anyone have any experience with a third-party search, with similar
>degree of customization (reports not necessary but nice); free is wonderful
>but we're willing to pay (though the jump from $0 > $10,000 is a bit steep!)?
>cfn ... Jen

Complete Guide to Search Engines for Web Sites and Intranets

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